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Monsters Mash #31 Mutant Mayhem Godzilla

Posted : 5 years, 9 months ago on 11 October 2012 01:43 (A review of Godzilla)

Now we've come to the holy grail of monsters movies it was 1954 ten years after the bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki the original Godzilla was serious and tone and Godzilla himself was a force of mass destruction beside it was made by people who experience it first hands Godzilla's origin that he was created by nuclear radiation his species been debated for years but some says he cross between a tyrannosaurus rex for his bipedal figure and iguana for his hands and a stegosaurus with the dorsal fins on his back his name in japan he's called Gojira which is a combination of Gorilla and Whale, gorilla and whale huh? that's a lot different from many combinations of dinosaurs we just mentioned but no the reason how he got his name was from a bulky stageman working at the Toho studio (the studio that makes the Godzilla franchise) and his nickname was Gojira and producer Tomoyuki Tanaka liked the name how would you feel if a giant radioactive dinosaur was named after? I don't know but that would be pretty cool now it's now doubt that it's a guy in a rubber suit but many people don't know horrible and infamous it was first of all actor Harou Nakajima (the actor that would play Godzilla until 1972) couldn't see anything and he would be under the light all the time and he pass out, now Godzilla's trademark roar you never guess composer Akira Ifukube rub a bass with glove to create the roar, although it's a very entertaining movie Godzilla looks scary in black and white and the cinematography look's great there's scene were people are shown being crush in building and dying in the hospital are real disturbing and the choir of girls singing makes you sentimental it's make you forget your watching a b-movie but a disaster at the time americans hated foreign films so they chopped it down for American audience with Raymond Burr as Steve Martin no not that Steve Martin but a journalist name Steve Martin, Burr already played a villain in Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window and then Perry Mason he's pretty good in this movie but the way he's use it that to have him describe what's going on in most of the movie it was an obvious attempt to digest for us dumb@$$ americans I could talk about this movie for another hour but we got more to go so in the word of Joe Bob four stars check it out.

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Monsters Mash #30 Mutant Mayhem Them!

Posted : 5 years, 9 months ago on 10 October 2012 02:00 (A review of Them!)

Them! Them! but who or what is it Them! i'll give you two words Giant Ants created by nuclear explosion the ants look pretty awesome they weren't stop-motion but puppets giant marionettes anyway this also started another genre in the science fiction 50s film the giant bugs genre along with Tarantula, The Giant Mantis, Grasshoper, Attack of the Crab Monsters and so many more.

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Monsters Mash #29 Mutant Mayhem The Beast

Posted : 5 years, 9 months ago on 10 October 2012 01:56 (A review of The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms)

Now we come to the Beast from 20,000 Fathoms a milestone in monsters movies (The Giant Monsters genre to be exact) the stop motion effects were done by Ray Harryhausen in his earlier days and started a whole new generations of monsters in the 50s The Lost World was the first but this is the one that started the genre.

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Monsters Mash #28 EdWoodThon Ghouls

Posted : 5 years, 9 months ago on 10 October 2012 01:16 (A review of Night of the Ghouls (1959))

It's Now Time for some monster mash Night of the Ghouls this our last Ed Wood movie it opens with a weird narration with magician Criswell he does the same bizarre narration in Plan 9 From Outer Space any the plot is about a con-artist who tricks people that he can talk to the dead until actual dead shows up and they look like regular people now in Ed Wood movie is it suppose to look face it is this was a sequel to Bride of the Monster with Tor Johnson returns as Lobo he also played Lobo in the movie The Unearthly he was also in Plan 9 so you can make these movies a trilogy this movie does has some moments there shots of a women dress in white around fog now this conclude some our little Ed Wood retrospective in Monsters Mash. In Ed Wood later years he made straight up Porn until his death, but anyway despite crticism Ed Wood never gave up no matter who stand in his and the movie Ed Wood is all about pursuing your dreams and as Orson Welles said dream are worth fighting for.

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Monsters Mash #27 EdWoodThon Plan 9

Posted : 5 years, 9 months ago on 8 October 2012 03:28 (A review of Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959))

Now we've come to the film Ed Wood was famous for Plan 9 from Outer Space (aka Grave Robbers from Outer Space) It has the reputation as the worst movie ever made the plot revolve around alien vampire coming down to the resurrect the earth dead but only bring back three zombies the first vampire is tv horror host Vampira who looks kinda creepy but she wiggles her finger that kills people the other one is supposed to be Bela Lugosi but he past away before this movie was made Ed shot a few silent scenes of him in a graveyard for another movie but past so he use these shot in Plan 9 the movie usually draft from day to night constantly any way Ed Wood has to get his wife chiropractor to play and he was credited as Bela Lugosi obviously he much taller and doesn't look like anything like Lugosi and constanstly covering a mask isn't scary in fact Abbot and Costello make fun of that thing sort of thing in Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein and that was 1948. Tor Johnson played a police officer who act can't for s##t, the aliens resurrect him as the third zombie he became a famous halloween mask there's an infamous cockpit scene where is suppose to be a plane but you can see someone reciting their lines and when you see a flash you can see a boom mike now on to the UFO if been debated for years if they been plastic cups or hub boards the mother ship looks like a pogo ball the aliens look like regular human beings and one acts like a little kid there's this one scene where he's telling the human to stop all war or human will create a bomb that could destroy the universe the graveyard also looks pathetic the actors usually knocked them down Ed Wood work so fast he never took a second shot of anything you could've call him Fast Eddie! anyway Ed Wood should be applaud at least getting the movie done the movie has a big fan base it been colorized and a remake been planned in 2013 to co-exist with it 50th anniversary so Plan 9 from Outer Space screw it 4 out of 5

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Monsters Mash #26 EdWoodThon Bride of the Monster

Posted : 5 years, 9 months ago on 8 October 2012 01:51 (A review of Bride of the Monster)

It's the return of Indianastar Monsters Mash, Now we come to Bride of the Monster this was Ed Wood's first monster film it also stars Bela Lugosi in his last speaking role at least he has a lot of lines, The plot is about a mad scientist name Dr. Vornoff who is experimenting with nuclear mutation to create a race of super-human to conquer the world is cliche as ever he has lab assistant name Lobo played swedish wrestler Tor Johnson all he does is grunt and scream and takes many abusive from his master all the other supporting characters are really boring there's this one police officer played by Tony McCoy who say yes sir to everything but the one thing that makes this movie cool is the octopus that Lugosi keeps in his house is suppose a lake inside the house is a stock-footage of an octopus and outside there's a mechanical octopus the funny thing is both of the these shots doesn't match and it clare that you when the octopus is killing someone it's not moving the actors are doing all the work. It's one of the worst monster ever now there's two set one is lab which is cheap by today's standard and there's an hallway leading to nowhere and a crooked picture on a wall. I guess it supposed to look like a german expressionist film anyway basically what happens is that female and male leads comes and Lobo betrays his master but hims on in the ray gun turns him into a mutant and then they get into a fight where the smash bottles and push each other you can easily see the wall move that would've been edited but Ed Wood's the kind of guy that role with it anyway he cover his face the whole and acts like he's a monster Lugosi kills Lobo then he goes outside and the police shoots at him making ridiculous faces he falls into a lake attack by his monsters a lighting strikes and cause an atomic explosion it's the lowest graded monster movie ever.

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Monsters Mash #25 Ed WoodThon Glen or Glenda?

Posted : 5 years, 9 months ago on 5 October 2012 01:55 (A review of Glen or Glenda)

Ed Wood he was regarded as one of the worst directors of all time he made movie outside hollywood and independently produced his own and stars in them he made westerns, crime, and in his later years pornography but were gonna talk about his monsters movie the first were gonna talk about Glen or Glenda? not really a horror movie but it is so f###ked up you can just call it one originally it was supposed to be a autobiography of Christine Jorgensen the first publicly known sex-change but cannot she has to turn it down so Ed Wood made it an autobiography of himself dressing in women's clothing. Ed Wood was able to cast to his idol Bela Lugosi who was the original Dracula around this time he was addicted to morphine and his career was going down hill but Ed was got him back on his feet he plays a god like character who narrate most of the movie he even does the white zombie hand thing obviously Ed Wood was a fan of. he mix up potion and stuff and give them so cryptic line some of the things he says doesn't make any sense "Beware of the Big Black Dragon creeping up on you" "Pull the string! Pull the string!" I don't know what the hell he's saying but it's good but their that's scene where you bulls running toward the scene. But it gets even weirder when it start out as a documentary with the native people then their the hallucination scene with people acting like idiots the devils and what the f##k kinda piece of twisted s##t is this!

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Monsters Mash #24 Aliens Invaders Miles to Earth

Posted : 5 years, 9 months ago on 3 October 2012 10:14 (A review of 20 Million Miles to Earth (1957))

20 Million Miles to earth was one of the last great monster movie the creature or the Ymir was made by stop-motion legend Ray Harryhausen not a whole lot to say about this movie but is pretty good. (Shortest Review ever)

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Monsters Mash #23 Aliens Invaders Forbidden Planet

Posted : 5 years, 9 months ago on 3 October 2012 10:11 (A review of Forbidden Planet (1956))

Forbidden Planet is one of the most famous science-fiction film of all time the plot is a team of military that flies in UFO the famous C-57D to find a scientist Dr. Edward Morbius along with his daughter the beautiful Alta Morbius played by Ann Francis and one of the coolest robots of all time Robby the Robot Robby was the first fictional robot to have a distinct personality after Forbidden Planet Robby would become a star he was in the twilight zone two times and had his own movie the Invisible Boy but don't expect anything because this movie suck. The movies was shot in color and it look beautiful it was the first science fiction film to be in Cinemascope it was like the imax of old movies just looking in the background it so awesome anyway the sound effect it pretty creepy it has a haunting atmosphere that' keep building the characters are great Dr. Morbius is one of the best Mad Doctors of all time and this film has one of the best monster ever a monster created out of someone's mind, this movie was said to be the influence to star trek and how can you not see it does this remind you of anything .

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Monsters Mash #22 This Island Earth

Posted : 5 years, 9 months ago on 3 October 2012 09:53 (A review of This Island Earth (1955))

This Island Earth this is one of the best 50s alien invaders movie ever the plot is an Alien race come down from a dying planet to ask the people of earth to help the Aliens or the Manutela Mutants are one of the best looking aliens in a 50 b-movie the technicolor does look gorgeous in cinemascope the was also seen in E.T. as a little homage and it was Lampooned in The Mystery Science Theater 3000: the movie.

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